Bipartisan Biodiesel

The American Renewable Fuel and Job Creation Act of 2017 was recently introduced in the Senate by Sen. Chuck Grassley, along with 15 other bipartisan original cosponsors. This bill switches the biodiesel tax credit from a blender’s to a producer’s credit, thus incentivizing domestic production and allowing U.S. biodiesel producers a level playing field to … Continue reading Bipartisan Biodiesel

Cuba: An Untapped Opportunity for U.S. Soy

Trade is the lifeblood of the American soybean industry, and as we move into 2017, Cuba is an exciting, untapped opportunity. While the major foreign markets for U.S. soy—China, Mexico, Japan, Germany—remain unchanged, Cuba, with its close proximity to major U.S. ports, importation of more than 80 percent of its food and emerging economic potential, … Continue reading Cuba: An Untapped Opportunity for U.S. Soy