Rebuild Rural Logo

Rural infrastructure is vital to American agriculture and as roads, highways, bridges, railways, locks and dams, and water systems continuously deteriorate, American agriculture suffers economically at home and becomes less competitive on a global scale.

Despite the importance of rural infrastructure, past infrastructure initiatives have focused on urban and suburban areas while not adequately addressing the unique needs of rural communities, which is why over 200 organizations, including ASA, have joined the Rebuild Rural Infrastructure Coalition.

In addition to advocating for federal investment in infrastructure, the coalition calls on public-private partnerships to rebuild rural America’s physical infrastructure, as well as bringing broadband access and reliable and secure power sources to the countryside.

Joining a growing chorus of voices like Rebuild Rural, President Trump recently announced his plan to “rebuild rural America,” and indicated that his soon-to-be-proposed infrastructure legislation would contain specific provisions targeting rural infrastructure expansion and additional access to broadband in rural communities.

To join the conversation and help promote the needs of rural infrastructure use the hashtag #RebuildRural on social media or follow ASA here.

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