Washington, DC is undoubtedly the center of American politics and activism, but when congressional representatives recess back to their districts, the advocacy shouldn’t stop.

Below are five ways to engage lawmakers while they’re back home for recess.

Attend town hall meetings

Use your voice and your personal experiences! Attending and contributing to town hall meetings as a constituent is a great way to bring your priority issues to your representative’s attention, and often times what ultimately drives action.

Invite your representatives to visit your farm

Most Americans are three generations removed from the farm- and that includes your representative. Inviting a legislator to see your farm first-hand is a great way to form a relationship and build understanding of issues important to rural America. Plus, it’s a great photo op!

Engage other growers in your area who aren’t already involved

Agriculture policy affects everyone. When lawmakers are in town, encourage other growers to attend events or discuss policy priorities. The more support lawmakers see for priority issues, the better.

Contribute to your local paper

Elected officials still subscribe to local papers, making op-eds and letters to the editor the perfect outlet to share your ag story and advocate on issues that are important to you. In addition to reaching your legislator, you’ll be including your entire community.

Access the Soy Action Center

ASA’s Soy Action Center provides soy policy initiatives broken down by issues and background on all your representatives, including the committees they serve on and contact information. It’s an easy way to familiarize yourself with your legislator before a meeting and access their information to follow up and thank them after.

While the ASA Washington office works on behalf of farmers across the country every day in the nation’s capital, growers and their personal stories back home are the strength of agriculture advocacy. Continually engaged growers push legislation forward and with important issues like the Farm Bill and trade policy taking a leading role, your engagement is perhaps more important than ever, especially during Congressional recesses.

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