One of the country’s earliest professions, American farming has evolved since the time of George Washington to provide the most abundant, safe and affordable food supply the world has ever known.

On National Ag Day, we celebrate American agriculture’s ingenuity, resiliency, and tenacity, and encourage consumers around the county to join ASA in thanking growers for their dedication and steadfastness in providing food and fiber for a growing world.

Agriculture boost America’s economy, provides its largest export, creates rural jobs and lines grocery store shelves with affordable food. It dares to soar to new heights with advanced and budding technology, and it cares for the land with enhanced sustainability practices.

Agriculture touches the lives of every American, and we encourage consumers to think about the way each of their daily lives is impacted by the growers that produce their food and fiber.

ASA is proud to represent soy growers and join coalitions and groups which support agriculture. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens.”

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